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CS coeus was a part of a university senior project.

A mind map is an important way to visualize and organize information. Some research shows that organizing information into a mind map helps with understanding the relationship between concepts. COEUS is an automatic mind map generation using a pipeline of machine learning, data science, and classic techniques to extract information from text. Input to the algorithm can separate into two types, semi-structured and unstructured articles. The semi-structured article is a Wikipedia article fetched from the Wikipedia API. It includes a broad structure in the response, so the pipeline can parse that structure and use it in the final mind map result. For an unstructured article, it is a raw text input without any clues on the structure. The pipeline will first give some structure to the input and apply the rest of the pipeline same as a semi-structured article. The mind map result does generally better with semi-structured input than unstructured input.

Github repository of the project