Have you ever wondered how to open your own business with gaming keys? Or maybe you’re just looking for cheaper gaming keys?

In Poland until the mid-90s, bazaars were more or less popular. Those Bazaars were full of eastern neighbors mostly from Russia, who sold various items. One popular item was an NES style console or games for these consoles. Probably, every Pole had something just from there. There were even the 9999999 games on 1 cartridge.

In the age of information, the world has gone online and we can buy different types of game or keys, e.g. iTunes, Google Play from our Russian neighbors; add-ons for other types of online services such as 1000 followers on Instagram. Offers posted by users can be found on plati. A lot of users and sellers from local stores buy games there.

Payment methods

The final price depends on the payment method, e.g. card or PayPay payment will be higher than payment via WebMoney. The WebMoney itself can be topped up via dotpay.

Not all games can be activated in your country

There are two options here. One is to look for a game from your market (in the product description you will find information about the country). The second is VPN. You can read about it here.

Gifts and special offers

After purchasing a product, sellers encourage gifts to get positive feedback. So let’s write reviews after a successful purchase. Random game keys are the most common giveaways. It is also worth checking special offers. With more purchases, we get a percentage discount depending on what amount of money we spent. The discount is assigned to the email from which we are shopping.


I have never had a problem with returns. Sometimes something did not want to work, then the seller sent a new code or returned the money.

Free gaming keys from me!

I received some gifts and these games are not that I would like to play. Here you go, a few free game key for you. Game can be activated only once, so if it does not work, then someone was faster than you 🙂

PD0CH-XT4F2-7DY4I Sniper H59A8-CA6EY-GGV2I
Q2A94-IFHA0-BZ3B2 Sniper H89N6-QH4VZ-XVQNE
ZKK0K-XLNZ0-KEY2E LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Asgard Pack DLC
69F8-26E5-74C4-4FBC Robocraft (Early Access) — Master Bundle

Look for games, which might be interesting

You can do this by clicking this link or using the form below.

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