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Category: Technology

Light and quick solution for countries and its flags for Flutter

Collecting and storing images for each country for the mobile app might be extensive work. The trick is simple, instead of using images, we can use emoji with flags. That's simple, right? Now using widget Text, we could use an emoji. I prepared a model and a list that contains flags, the iso code of the country, the name of the country, and the phone prefix. I do believe it saved You hours.

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Let’s go back to Poland 30’s – project

Sometimes it just happens that one project becomes an idea for another project. It also happened to me that, learning how to model using a blender became an adventure to check if I could somehow reconstruct my town, but how did it look in its 30's? (more…)

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The Thai road sign recognition application for iOS

Building a simple application like this gave me a lot of knowledge about building ML models and how to use swift. A bit of information about how to collect data. What tools I used and what helped me write this simple application that detects road signs and reads values based on OCR. General view on how to make an app like this. (more…)

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FREE Binary bot for volatility 100

Today automation can be found in every aspect of life. Algorithmic trading is a new common way to make money. This is my last simple script for binary options, with accuracy over 51%. (more…)

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